Jdm Mazda 13b Cosmo 13BRE FD3S Twin Turbo 1.3L Rotary Engine Auto ECU Complete

Jdm Mazda 13b Cosmo 13BRE FD3S Twin Turbo 1.3L Rotary Engine Auto ECU Complete
Item #:recosmo

Jdm Mazda 13b Cosmo 13BREW FD3S Twin Turbo 1.3L Rotary Engine Auto ECU Complete
JDM 13B Cosmo engine with very low miles in perfect condition Compression tested, both rotors are healthy, with all wiring as seen in pics. Hard to source won't last Buy with Confidence
Reference: 1857
Actual Engine Serial Number: 13BREW MAZDA as seen in pictures.
Item has approximately 30,000 to 40,000 miles


**What is not displayed or mentioned is not included.**
** The entire package (as seen in pictures). **
Engine Head & Block ✔
Timing Components
Wiring Harness
Intake Manifold
Throttle Body
Fuel rail & injectors
Exhaust Manifold
Distributor or coil packs
Power Steering Pump
Oil Pan
Sensors as seen in pictures
Automatic transmission ✔
Torque convertor
Flex / Automatic Flywheel
No core charge, no core deposit/return, no hassle.

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REGARDING ROTARY ENGINES: All Rotary engines are sold in AS-IS condition. Rotary engines are advised to have the Apex Seals changed prior to installation. Rotary engines tend to get dried up at the Apex seals. The seals get brittle and begin to crack and this leads to poor compression numbers. We always ensure that rotary engines are not seized or locked in any way prior to selling. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. While we will do our best to assist you, further research may be needed to check compatibility with your vehicle.



This item has Sold as is

ITEM MUST BE INSTALLED BY A LICENSED AND CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN. Any engines OR Transmissions 5spd 6spd lsd, etc. include a 30 day warranty after recieving the item.


Engines and transmissions must be installed between the warranty period. We are not responsible for any modifications done to any engine. Loss caused by modification or forced induction (Nitrous/Alcohol Injection/Turbo/Supercharger & Aftermarket ECU upgrades) for which the engine was not designed will void warranty. The warranty covers only internal parts of the engine block and head(s) as well as transmission, and does not include exterior engine/transmission and related parts such as clutches, flywheels, flex plates, distributors, coil packs, ignitors, alternators, a/c pumps, timing belt, power steering pumps oil/water pumps, solenoids, sensors, valve covers, oil pans, manifolds, fuel system, turbo/superchargers, and torque converters. In the event of a defective engine block, head, or transmission, JDM West Coast will be responsible to either replace or fix the defective part only, at our discretion as there are no refunds only replacements. We recommend that you look over the timing belt/water pump to verify its condition and change it if necessary. However, if the timing belt is installed improperly or not set to correct factory specs which causes the engine to malfunction, warranty is voided. We honor our warranty fully. If the engine or transmission in question is found to be defective, it must however be returned to us in the same condition we sold it to you, we also must verify the installation of the item. We will not accept disassembled motors, missing parts, accessories. Swapping or removal of cylinder head(s)/crank/rods/pistons/cam(s)/gears & removal of transmission casing voids warranty.

JDM West Coast will NOT be held responsible for the failure of emissions or smog test. Please verify with your local authorities if the engine passes smog and emissions regulations in your city. We are not responsible for any labor issues or held accountable for labor costs. Please check with your certified mechanic that your motor or transmission will fit correctly. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
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